Big Sister Alyssa and Little Sister Chyn



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit's mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.


Our vision is for all youth to achieve their full potential.


We provide an opportunity for youth to embrace their power, celebrate their identities, and take ownership of their narratives. We provide focus on  juvenile justice prevention, academic achievement and social emotional health with a lens of social justice. Through our work we are creating meaningful connections between volunteers and youth, and providing opportunities for volunteers to gain a deeper understanding of the everyday challenges youth face.



No one can underestimate the “power of one,” the effect which one person can have on the life of another. Did you know that Big Brothers Big Sisters improves the odds of children succeeding in school, behaving nonviolently, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and getting along better with their family and peers? That’s right! Adults who participated in our program as children report that having a Big Brother or Big Sister played an key role in who they are today by positively influencing their self confidence, providing stability, changing their perspective on life and pushing them to higher goals.


There are few other major communities as reliant upon the next generation as metro Detroit.  As our community slowly rebuilds, it will be today’s youth that will be charged with completing the recovery and making our area vibrant again.  They can’t do that if they are locked behind bars, addicted to drugs, unemployed and/or academic under-achievers.  BBBSMD mentoring is proven to guide youth away from these outcomes by providing youth with strongly-supported, positive influences in their young lives.  Did you know? The Justice Policy Institute approximated (2014) an average cost to incarcerate a juvenile in the U.S. in a detention facility to be $407.58 per DAY.  The average cost to sustain one BBBSMD youth/mentor match is $465 per YEAR.

Big Holly and Little Brooke
Big Jon and Little Kaden
Big Stefani and Little Alayjah
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