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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit's mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.


Our vision is for all youth to achieve their full potential.


We provide an opportunity for youth to embrace their power, celebrate their identities, and take ownership of their narratives. We provide focus on  juvenile justice prevention, academic achievement and social emotional health with a lens of social justice. Through our work we are creating meaningful connections between volunteers and youth, and providing opportunities for volunteers to gain a deeper understanding of the everyday challenges youth face.



Our youth are excited to participate, friendly, driven to succeed, open to new things, motivated to improve, ready to excel, and looking for someone to be in their corner. Youth need to have supportive adults in their lives to be connected and nurtured. When youth feel connected they develop a sense of belonging which is critical as shown in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Youth become more motivated as their needs are met. This leads to greater success. This is also true for those who mentor. Mentoring builds bridges between people who may never have come into contact with each other.


As our community rebuilds, it will be today’s youth that will be charged with the recovery and in making Metropolitan Detroit a vibrant, illustrious, and flourishing area. We understand the importance of positive and supportive relationships with an adult and its impact on a child’s view of themselves and their future. We are compelled to look beyond what is, to what ought to be, so all youth can achieve success in life. Studies show that disconnected youth cost society $93 billion annually in lost wages, taxes, and social services. We must help youth realize and inspire their potential; potential to become whoever and whatever it is that creates passion within. We are strengthening communities by nurturing future leaders and successful citizens.

Big Holly and Little Brooke
Big Jon and Little Kaden
Big Stefani and Little Alayjah
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Big Holly and Little Brooke