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During the uncertainty of COVID-19, our commitment to supporting vulnerable youth remains the same - defending their potential- no matter what. Now more than ever our community is a safety net inspired to ensure the basic needs of youth by offering an unquestionable sense of connection. Our Big Brothers, Big Sisters, volunteers, staff and donors are a regional network of neighbors ready and willing to offer direct assistance to resources for families and ongoing emotional support for youth.

Become a Big Neighbor.

How it Works

Big Neighbors is a movement to help support Littles and their families during the coronavirus pandemic. As a Big Neighbor, you can sign up to deliver food directly to our families in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb counties, donate to our mission, or support us through virtual fundraising.


If you would like to become a volunteer to purchase and delivery food and supplies directly to a family in need, click here or the link above to fill out a volunteer form. Our team will match you up with a family in need who lives nearby, and provide you with a simple shopping list of non-perishable goods and other supplies. It's that simple. You can also donate to support our mission of matching youth with a Big Brother or Big Sister who can support them through throughout the year. You can also fundraise for Big Brothers Big Sisters, with some fun, state of home fundraising ideas. Join us as a Big Neighbor.


If you have questions not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions, please contact one of our team members:


Fundrasing and volunteer questions -

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