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Little Brother Dylan & Big Brother Dillon


Meet Big Brother Dillon and Little Brother Dylan! Yes, they have the same name. With his grass-cutting service, 10-year-old Dylan was already an entrepreneur but wanted to learn more about making money. Dylan’s mom reached out to #BBBSMD to support his business aspirations, help him explore additional interests, and improve his school grades. Dylan loves math but wasn’t a huge fan of science, and his ideal Big Brother was someone who enjoys sports, knows business, and likes making money.

In walked Dillon. Dillon graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in business, loves being active and playing sports, and as an engineer, is skilled in both math and science.
This Big Brother was highly invested in mentoring because he felt he had to teach himself everything he knew about navigating life, college, and career choices. He wanted to help a younger person navigate these experiences.

Nearly 5 months later, they are thriving as a match, focusing on education and their love of sports, which according to Little Brother Dylan “makes it cool!” Dylan’s mom has gotten multiple positive comments from his teachers about how he has improved. She notes how much he loves his Big Brother and that she “truly enjoys their bond with one another.”  We know Dillon and Dylan are destined for greatness in the future of their match and in Little Brother’s endeavors.

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