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Big Brother Joshua & Little Brother Anthony

Big Joshua and Little Anthony Feb 13.jpeg

Meet Big Brother Joshua and Little Brother Anthony.  They have been matched for just over six months. Before coming to BBBSMD, 14-year-old Anthony was described as being extremely shy and introverted. Anthony's mom reached out to us to support him in personal goal-setting, confidence, and social skills. She also told us that Anthony struggles with severe asthma and a heart condition that has required major heart surgery. Due to Anthony's health and trauma, he has had limited social and academic contact with peers throughout the course of the pandemic. With the help of BBBSMD, Anthony now has a mentor, Joshua, to lean on and encourage him. This past month, Joshua took Anthony to his first-ever Detroit Pistons game. After the game, Anthony had the chance to shoot the ball on the court, something he never thought possible.

Joshua dedicates a few hours a month to spending time with Anthony but the mutually enjoyable experiences they have are having a profound impact on Anthony’s life. Big Brothers Big Sisters matches Bigs and Littles by compatibility and common preferences. Anthony and Joshua have gone to an array of places: Zap Zone, BBBSMD Day at the Detroit Zoo, and The Henry Ford. They have also done things closer to home like going to the library, playing video games, discussing holiday gifts, and cooking.

Anthony’s mom sees how amazing this match has been for her son and the positive changes she has already seen in him. She is happy to see the impact Joshua has had on Anthony, just 6 months into the match, and she is looking forward to Anthony continuing to grow socially, increasing his self-confidence, and achieving more academically. Joshua has definitely been a Defender of Potential for Anthony. You can be too!


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