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Things couldn’t be better! “Big”, Steve and “Little”, Seth just celebrated their one year anniversary of being a match! Seth remembers the exact match date and recalls with happiness their first fun outing together. This match enjoys spending quality time together whether it is at sporting events, working on projects for Cub Scouts, or playing outdoors. Steve recently helped Seth build his pinewood derby car for Cub Scouts, which they had a great time doing. Seth’s Mom is very happy with the match and stated: “They are made for each other.” She sees the improvements Seth has made since being matched with Steve and is grateful. Steve mentioned that Seth “seems really happy and was goofing around with lifted spirits” during a recent outing. Seth knows he can ask his Big for help if he ever needs it and really enjoys their time together. Their relationship continues to grow strong and is developing into a bond that providing positive direction with noticeable improvements. As Seth’s youngest sister says, “Seth and Steve are perfect for each other”.

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