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Gary has taken on the role of being a “Big” so he can be there for a youth as a strong role model. His “Little”, Kyle, is an 11th grader from Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody High School. Kyle’s father was only around during his younger years. Since Kyle has not had a father present for most of his life, he hoped his involvement in our program would be a good opportunity for him to have a male mentor, someone who will be there for him, someone he can look up to and talk with. Gary has been able to take on that role of being a strong male figure to Kyle. He talks to him about his life experiences and what it takes to make it in this world. “My Big knows a lot and is very wise,” said Kyle. Since November, the match has been participating in the Career Buddies workplace mentoring program at AAA Headquarters. The match relationship has been focusing on relationship development and setting goals for the little. “Having a Big is important to me because I like having someone by my side to talk with and get advice from,” said Kyle. Gary has been sharing wisdom and providing encouragement for Kyle to achieve his goals. Part of Kyle’s future plans include attending college, pursuing a basketball scholarship and/or working in construction. They have also tackled important short term issues like improving his performance in math by seeking additional support/tutoring to help him understand the material better. This powerful match is the perfect combination of a Big using his experiences, personality, and knowledge to actively engage his Little toward a path of success despite the obstacles in his way.

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