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Lisa Holinski is a “Big” in our Lunch Buddies program. Her “Little” is Da’son, a 6 th grader at Sampson Webber Academy. Lisa wanted to be a Big Sister because she had heard of the organization and wanted to have an effect on a child’s life. Lisa loves kids and has worked as a paraprofessional at a school and also as a Girl Scout leader in the past. Lisa’s warm and caring personality allowed Da’son to feel comfortable to open up with her. Their connection was evident from the start and Da’son’s excitement to see Lisa hasn’t diminished. “She’s fun, cool and likes doing activities”, said Da’son. Since the start of the match relationship in November, the match has focused on various topics, such as relationship development, academic achievement, healthy living and cultural diversity. Da’son’s favorite activity was when they got to create a healthy snack mix. The match got to choose which treats they wanted to put in their mix while still maintaining a healthy calorie count. When asked what he likes about the Lunch Buddies program, Da’son said, “It’s fun and creative. It gets people’s minds thinking.” Lisa said one thing that she has tried to teach Da’son in their times together is trust. “I want him to know that he can count on me to be at our meetings or at his basketball games. I feel I can count on him, too! He has only missed one meeting, and that was due to a school field trip.” Outside of meetings at Sampson, Lisa went to a couple of Da’son’s basketball games. At the gym she had the chance to meet Da’son’s father and siblings. Lisa and her husband had a blast watching Da’son at his game since they are such huge fans of basketball and of Da’son! “I really enjoy spending time with Da’Son,” says Lisa. “He is so smart, respectful and considerate. His manners set a great example for the children around him. It seems as though he has already taken a Dale Carnegie Class since he is always asking me questions such as, “how is your day,” “what are you going to be doing for Easter,” “have you seen your kids lately (they are out of town).” If we need supplies for an activity, he is the first to jump up and get them – he’s such a gentleman! He always brightens my day. I guess I am trying to say that he has many wonderful qualities and I hope he doesn’t change!” “My summation is that I feel I have totally benefited from our relationship. I went into this thinking that I would be there to mentor a Little, and I feel that he is a total blessing to me. I so admire the strong connection he has with his immediate family and he always talks about his extended family. I admire him and his family.”

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