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“Funny” and “great”, that is how Steven a “Little” describes his “Big” Benjamin. Steven was 6 years old when his mother, LeAndra, contacted BBBS because she felt he would benefit from having a mentor and the social interaction with a male influence since Steven’s father lived out-of-state. Steven is a very active child who enjoys indoor and outdoor sports so he was looking for someone to share that with him. In 2013, Benjamin was a 19 year old college student studying for his degree in Healthcare Management while also employed full-time at a local restaurant when he was matched with Steven laying the foundation for Steven’s dreams. Benjamin comes from a family of four siblings and notes the most significant people while growing up were his father and older brother. Now a Big, he is fulfilling his dream to recreate the same type of friendship and support that his older brother provided for him. Both Big Brother Benjamin, (now 22) and Little Brother Steven (now 9) are still committed to this match after three years. Big helps Little with his homework and this year his Little is on the honor roll and is very happy with his grades, Steven likes spending time with his Big. Benjamin says he is “happy” with his Little. Stevens mother stated that Benjamin exceeded all her expectations and appreciates his commitment over the past three years. Benjamin recently completed his degree in Healthcare Management and both Steven and his mother will be attending his graduation. Together, Benjamin and Steven enjoyed the Memorial Day Parade together.

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