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January Match of the Month! Mario & Aaron

"He is like a real big brother to me." - Aaron

Big Brother Mario and Little Brother Aaron met for the first time in June 2016 and have been steadily building their relationship ever since. Being the middle sibling, Aaron’s mom felt he needed someone to spend time with; someone who is a positive male role model, consistent and a good conversationalist that can help Aaron stay on a good path and try new things. Mario turned out to be exactly that. They both very much enjoy attending sporting events and playing video games.

Some of the fun outings the match has been able to do thus far includes attending a Tigers game, cheering on the Spartans at an MSU football game, playing mini bowling at CJ Barrymore’s, caught a Red Wings game while watching in a suite and attended the BBBS holiday party. Mario always makes time for Aaron and makes sure the activity is something they will both enjoy.

In the short time they have been matched, Mario has seen improvements in Aaron already. Aaron has been opening up more, they seem very comfortable with each other and they always seem to have a great time on their outings. Aaron's mother is so glad her son has Mario has a mentor, he encourages Mario to respect his mother's values and helps him realize the importance of growing up.

"Aaron is the little brother I always wanted. I can recall multiple times throughout my collegiate career at Michigan State of how my mentors gave me advice, took me to lunch, etc. Having a person who truly cares for your well-being is a very comforting feeling and I couldn't wait to be in a position where I could provide the same for someone else. I made a vow to my mentors that I would pay it forward to someone who could use a helping hand. It is a both a privilege and an honor to be Aaron's Big Brother. Our mentorship/friendship grows more and more each outing. It's been fulfilling for me to watch his individual growth and openness. Thank you BBBSMD for providing a platform for Big Brothers like me to be able to help make a difference in Little Brothers' lives just like Aaron!"

Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to thank Mario and Aaron for being an essential part of our program and would also like to wish Aaron a Happy belated Birthday!

Mario & Aaron
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