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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words...

The picture of Little, Shapri, on her bike has a story that is a must read. A story about a simple gesture, bringing the community together for something bigger then themselves: Shapri's smile.

Little, Shapri and Big, Pat were matched in February of this year, and throughout their short amount of time matched, both of their lives have been positively impacted. When they were first matched they were thinking of things they could do together, both enjoy the outdoors, keeping things simple and organic. Thus far, they have gone to the movies, have gone out to eat, are taking advantage of the Motown Museum event this week. Pat asked Shapri if she wanted to go on bike rides with her when the weather permitted. Shapri said she would love to but she has never had a bike of her own before.

Pat, obviously felt motivated to do something about this. A bike is something so many people have and for many, don't realize that it is a precious gift that most people don't have. For some of BBBSMD little's, it isn't as simple as purchasing a new bike, because the precedent is never to be set that gifts or purchases of that expense will be acquired.

Pat was determined to help Shapri out and make sure that one of their activities was a bike ride this summer. So, as most do, Pat posted onto her social media accounts reaching out to her friends to see if any of them had an old bike that they weren't using.

One day, Pat got a call from one of her colleagues. Pat thought that she had an old bike and was willing to donate it. But, what the colleague told Pat completely took her by surprise and truly showed Pat how a little sacrifice can change someone's life. She told Pat that herself and her other colleagues saw her Facebook post and truly wanted to do something about it. They started collecting money and donations and pulled enough together so that Pat could take Shapri to the store and pick out a brand new bike. When Pat heard this over the phone, she was taken back and words couldn't describe how amazing she felt. To know that Shapri is going to be so excited and to know that she has such incredible and kind coworkers.

This past weekend Pat shared the news with Shapri, and they went to the store and shopped around for a few bike. Shapri now has a new bike, and she said she is looking forward to finding some good places to go bike riding this summer with her Big Pat. You can see how much it meant to Shapri by the smile in her photo, her smile captured in isn't just from the excitment of a new bike. This opportunity has taught Shapri, and many others, that there is always good to be found in the smallest of moments. Shapri has been supported by everyone involved; most of them have never even met her. Now, she has the opportunity to do something so simple that she has never done, and every memory and moment shared with pat and others while she will ride that bike will forever impact her.

Thanks to everyone involved; Pat's colleagues, Big Brothers Big Sisters match support for coordinating and communicating with Shapri's family and of course Pat. This story has touched many hearts and if anything, it's a good reminder that a little sacrifice and sense of community goes far beyond ourselves.

Mario & Aaron
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