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Happy National Mentoring Month 2018- Match of the Week!

The picture of our Match of the Week- Little, Damya teaching her Big, Trudi arts & crafts is priceless! Trudi has been a Big in the Comcast Beyond School Walls work site mentoring program since 2010.

Her previous Little graduated from elementary school last year and Trudi was eager to participate again with a new Little in the 2017-2018 school year! Trudi admires children's energy and her new Little, Damya, has a lot of it!

Damaya loves being physically active, playing games like tag and hide-and-seek and swimming. Damya is looking forward to working with Trudi this school year. She hopes her new Big can help her with math and tell her funny jokes.The new match's first meeting was very exciting! They spent their time together talking and getting to know each other. Big Sister says they both come from large families and they bonded over their similar family backgrounds. They're both looking forward to learning more about each other this school year.

As we celebrate National Mentoring Month this January check back here for a new story every Friday. To learn more about our mentoring efforts or to become a Big visit

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