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Meet our Newest Match: Big Artero & Little Christian

Meet our newest match Big Brother Artero and Little Brother Christian!

Although they've just met they hit it off and have already planned some exciting outings. Big Brother Artero has served as a volunteer with Big Brother Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit for 2 years. He previously served as a Big in a different match and was noted as a great Big! Artero is a father of two with lots of mentoring experience. He loves sports and coaches football and basketball youth teams. In addition, he loves to visit various museums and explore!

Being a single parent Christian’s mom felt he needed a positive male role model to spend time with; someone who would be consistent and encouraging Christian to stay on a good path and try new things! Artero turned out to be the perfect fit. The match has decided to visit Dave and Busters for their first outing and they have agreed to switch off picking activities so that they both are trying new things!

Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to thank Artero and Christian for being an essential part of our program and cannot wait to see their relationship grow!

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