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Becoming a "BIG For A Day" with Cumulus Consulting, LLC

The sound of rubber burning beneath the tires of an all black C7 Corvette Stingray Coupe captivated the attention of Little Alaina (17) and Big Jason pictured above during our "Big For A Day" event hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters new community partner Cumulus Consulting, LLC.

Little Alaina (17) and Big Jason

Big for a Day is an activity that engages children who are currently enrolled in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit’s community based program, but are waiting to be matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister. Big for a Day provides a fun opportunity for a child to engage in one-on-one interaction with an adult while they’re waiting to be matched. Youth and volunteers participate in a planned and facilitated activity which is supervised by BBBS Staff. It is a great way to expose your company or organization to the importance of mentorship while impacting youth within your community.

During this Big For a Day experience Cumulus Consulting, LLC owners and employees shared 3 hours of their work day with a group of Metro Detroit's youth at the racetrack and Cumulus garage inside M1 Concourse. Cumulus is a full-service ERP and technology consulting firm with a special focus on developing digital transformation solutions for manufacturers. The M1 Concourse is a Pontiac jewel that serves as a 87-acre playground for auto enthusiasts that includes a secure community of 250+ Private Garages and a state-of-the-art 1.5-mile Performance Track with its own private Motorsports Club. Bigs and Littles observed many luxury vehicles speed around the track from a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante to a 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider. Before heading on the track our Bigs and Littles got to test out their driving skills virtually on the xbox within the Cumulus private garage.

After enjoying endless pizza, pop, salad and never-ending games of UNO our matches were able to grace the track as passengers. Little Brayden (8) who's considered an ultimate fan of the Fast & Furious Movie series thoroughly enjoyed riding in the all white Ashton Martin. His eyes lit up with pure joy while saying, "Wow! Look at my dream car mom! I get to ride in it and I don't have to raise $250,000 anymore."

Like Brayden, many other Littles were fascinated and very knowledgeable about the luxury vehicles. Mrs. Zena, mother of 4 shared with a huge smile across her face, "I've never seen my son Nathan sit still for any long period of time due to ADHD. He currently stands at his desk during school to help him focus better in class. Look at him, he's been sitting in the same spot for over 30 minutes now playing with with his Big Brother and the other kids." Little Nathan (12) also served as the groups luxury car walking encyclopedia, spewing many facts around the various car values, engine sizes, manufacturing locations and much more.

Bigs For a Day concluded with its youngest attendee Little Wyatt (5) taking the final lap around the racetrack escorted by Cumulus CEO- Big Jason, followed by ice cream sundaes back at the Cumulus garage. When asked what he would like to say to others before experiencing his first ever ride around a race track Little Wyatt replied, "Bye, bye" with a huge smile plastered on his face.

Because of Cumulus Consulting, LLC the eyes of our Littles who are waiting to be mentored were opened much wider today. Each Little left with a sense of hope that they too can achieve anything they put their minds to. Whether becoming a NASCAR driver, mobile developers or C-Level Executives, Cumulus employees have planted the seeds of possibilities that are waiting to be watered by YOU and transformed into reality.

For more information on how you or your organization can host our next Big For a Day event please contact