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2021 Dorothy Pugh Memorial Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce our 2021 Dorothy Pugh Memorial Scholarship winners: Reynard and Jeremiah.

Big Brother Michael Bergmann and Little Brother Jeremiah

Jeremiah and his Big Brother Mike have been matched since June 2017. They were paired based on mutual interests and the fact that they lived relatively near to one another. Jeremiah’s mother enrolled him in the program to provide him with additional support as she was dealing with some personal health challenges.

Over their years together, Mike has watched Jeremiah persevere through challenges and continually seek opportunities to grow. “Jeremiah is always looking for ways to improve himself and isn’t one to let a good opportunity slip away,” explains Mike.

“Jeremiah’s drive and passion for his endeavors are great personal attributes, but I think the characteristic that truly draws people to him is his kindhearted and loyal nature. It has been a pleasure watching Jeremiah grow as a person over his time in high school. I can’t imagine a nicer kid… Knowing the type of person he is, it wouldn’t surprise me if he became a Big Brother himself…”

Jeremiah will be attending Grand Valley State University and plans to study computer science.

Little Brother Reynard and Big Brother Ron Stefanski

Big Brother Ron Stefanski first met Little Brother Reynard in 2017. During their time together, Ron has supported Reynard through some difficult family circumstances. He has been a resource to Reynard, opening his world to a host of new experiences and opportunities while guiding him along a path to successfully reach his full potential.

“Mr. Ron is helping me be open about my problems, and if he can, he helps me solve them. By that, I mean he shows me options and suggestions so I can do things on my own, teaching me the steps to be successful in life,” shares Reynard.

“Mr. Ron is important to me, as he taught me how to tie a tie, speak with confidence, drive a boat, be more open, and pursue attending college. His kind words and strong mentoring gave me the motivation to do better in school, and even if I failed, to never give up.”

“I have been a Big Brother to Reynard since he was 14. During that time, I have seen him grow and develop into a fine young man,” says Ron. “His development has been all the more impressive because of the myriad setbacks he has encountered along the way...Each time, Reynard digs deep and resolves to push ahead.”

Reynard will be attending Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, beginning his first semester in Fall 2021.

Dorothy Pugh

This generous scholarship was created in memory of Dorothy Pugh: a beloved Match Support Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit. She dedicated her life to igniting the power and promise of youth and ensuring that all young people achieve success.

At BBBS we are inspiring youth through intentional connections. We see their narratives and celebrate their identity and empowerment. We are allies striving to make the world they live in better. We congratulate our two winners and wish them the very best on their future academic endeavors.

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