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Congrats to our Miles Family Scholarship Winners!

A BIG congratulations to our two Miles Family Scholarship recipients, AzureDee and Mauricio. The Miles Family Scholarship is made possible by David and Christine Miles, who have been long time donors of this scholarship through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit. This scholarship has been essential to helping many Littles like AzureDee and Mauricio over the years pay for higher education. Hear their stories below!

AzureDee's Story

AzureDee won one of two recipients of the Miles Family Scholarship (she was awarded $2,000). She has been matched in Big Brothers Big Sisters Metropolitan Detroit program with her Big Sister Meghan for eight years. AzureDee has been active with the National Guard over the last couple years and currently is doing Basic Training for the National Guard. Once she returns she will be enrolling into Oakland Community College for the Winter semester.

Her goals for the future include to pursue a career of becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer as well as being a Human Resource Specialist in the National Guard. "I would love to see me changing people's lives by the time I am done with college," AzureDee said.

AzureDee has been constantly active in all aspects of her community. She was super involved in volunteering during high school with Gleaners, Forgotten Harvest and Special Olympics through Delta G.E.M.S and she has volunteered with her church for the past seven years.

"AzureDee is a well rounded, determined and intelligent young person. Throughout her school years AzureDee remained involved in numerous programs including Science Club, Boys and Girls Club, Basketball, and Dance. While participating in extracurricular activities she managed to maintain an above average grade point during her four years at University Prep," said her Big Sister Meghan.

AzureDee and Meaghan have developed a very close bond over the years. They have learned from each other and about their different cultures. Meaghan has been there to help guide AzureDee, teach her life lessons, be a friend and mentor her.

"We have built a healthy relationship over the last decade that will continue to grow. Overall, this has been the most genuine relationship I have ever had other than my mom. Meghan has been there through every single accomplishment I’ve had and I have watched her build her brand. This relationship is more than just important to me, Meghan has now become my family," said AzureDee.

Mauricio's Story

Mauricio won one of two recipients of the Miles Family Scholarship (he was awarded $2,000). He has been matched for two years with his Big Brother Migel. Little Brother (Mauricio) was a part of our Partners for Youth with Disabilities grant with mild ASD (Asperger's Syndrome).

Mauricio is set to attend Henry Ford College in the Fall. From there he plans to transfer to Wayne State or University of Michigan to study Engineering. His constant interest in cars and how things work set him up for his pursuit into engineering.

The scholarship will help Mauricio achieve his future goals that his Big has helped foster. Big Brother Migel is an engineer with Ford Motor. He has been instrumental in defending Mauricio's potential and guiding him on his path.

"My match with my Big Brother is an important part of my life because he helped me by introducing me to new places to have fun and to learn things such as learning about marine life in the aquarium or doing study sessions to help me understand my homework," Mauricio goes on to say, "I have learned many things from my Big Brother and the places that we have been able to go to, this experience has helped me open up more and help me in many ways."

Mauricio and Migel have gone to parks, Downtown Detroit, Belle Isle, looked at cars, volunteered in the community, worked on homework together, and many other things.

"One of Mauricio's greatest strengths is his value and respect towards others. We attended various events in public places and he would always let others go first and open doors for others. He also enjoys helping others, which was evident when we volunteered at Forgotten Harvest for packaging food for the needy. These types of behaviors come very natural for Mauricio and I know they will benefit him in the future," said Migel.

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