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Meet A Match: Anna & Carolyn

The end of Anna’s school year was fast approaching, and with it, her high school career. Our Little Sister Anna, was not worried about her post-high school plans but she needed help to pursue her passion and navigate her post-high school options. Thankfully, Anna had her Big Sister, Carolyn, who made it her mission to keep Anna on an upward academic track. Throughout their match relationship Carolyn integrated academic based activities with their virtual outings. It was through these activities that Carolyn discovered Anna’s passion: the culinary arts! “You can just see the way she lights up when she’s cooking,” said Carolyn. “She's always gravitated toward food."

Big Sister Carolyn recalled their first outing. “When I first met her she said she wanted to own a bakery,” said Carolyn. “After doing a vision board project to find out where she wanted to be in 10 years, I began planning how to help Anna get there.” Carolyn supported Anna through researching several culinary arts programs and events and even enrolling her into a six-week Big Brothers Big Sisters cooking class. Through hard work from both Anna and Carolyn, her dreams have become reality! This summer Anna will be working in the food industry, and Carolyn will be helping her with personal statements, applications, and decision making for future endeavors. During their match relationship Anna was introduced to different community service, academic achievement, and relationship building activities. Before their match comes to an end, in recognition of Anna’s achievements and in celebration of their relationship, Carolyn plans to enjoy an in-person outing with Anna at a Big Brothers Big Sisters event. “Anna is a happy, fun-loving, smart teenager,” said Carolyn. “I’m so glad I was able to help her find her path, it’s what we’re here for after all.”

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