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Meet A Match - Big Brother Joe & Little Brother Martin

The Big brother is Joe. He is 52. He has known about BBBS his whole life and ultimately wants to make a difference in a child's life by teaching them various life skills and supporting them. He said he has always been good at communicating with youth and considers that one of his strengths. He is an avid chess player and used to teach chess to K-8 students. He is also a former camp counselor working with underprivileged youth and he studied political science at MSU He has a daughter who is 5 years old. He is a comedian and has traveled all over the country doing comedy shows.

The Little brother is Martin. He is currently 16 and lives with his mom and sister. He does see his dad from time to time. He likes basketball, video games, and going to the movies. He has a kind, silly, and outgoing personality. He is supposed to be in the 11th grade but currently only has credits as a freshman. He also has a 9 month old daughter that he loves spending time with. He wants to be a good father to her. He was previously matched with a mentor that was going well, but ended due to the Big brother not being able to commit to 1 year. He ultimately wanted someone who is humorous and easy to talk to and can offer him good advice on parenting.

When our team conducted their match meeting, they hit it off instantly. Joe did not shy away from any of Martin's past. He was willing to step up and engage right away. Martin loves the fact that Joe is a comedian and has a daughter himself. Joe also said that his parents had him when he was 16 and that he thought this match would be great because of their connection! What are the chances!

Our youth come to us for a variety of reasons. Our hope is to empower them to make great choices and decisions that will keep them on a pathway towards success. Thank you, Joe, for your ongoing support and leadership!

Mario & Aaron
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