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Little Brother Tyler & Big Brother Mike

Little Brother Tyler and Big Brother Mike celebrated Tyler’s birthday during a Beyond School Walls session last week. Beyond School Walls is a lunch buddies program providing facilitated mentoring sessions twice a month at McIntyre Elementary School in Southfield. The program is made possible by a partnership between BBBSMD and Comcast.

Because of the pandemic, Tyler and Mike met only virtually for two years. Their first in-person meetings finally happened this school year, and they have a wonderful connection and energy. So far, they have worked on Tyler’s goals and dreams, doing match Scattergories, and acting out inventions from African-American Inventors for Black History Month. During the three years, Tyler has been growing in self-esteem, becoming more social, and improving academically.

This birthday celebration was extra special because Tyler’s mom attended and met Mike in person for the first time. For Goodness Cakes provided basketball cupcakes, Tyler’s favorite sport, for him and his Beyond School Walls cohorts. We look forward to seeing this strong match grow!

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